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Font Zapfino by Hermann Zapf

Zapfino is a calligraphic typeface designed for Linotype by eminent typeface conniver Hermann Zapf in 1998. It is based on an alphabet Zapf in the first place penned in 1944. As a font, it makes great use of ligatures and peculiar variations (for case, the abase casket learning d has nine variations).

Hermann Zapf (born November 8, 1918) is a German typeface deviser who lives in Darmstadt, Germany. He is married to calligrapher and typeface inventor Gudrun Zapf von Hesse. Zapf’s enlarge on a excite has suffered the two-edged sword of homage, as his designs, which number Palatino and Optima, own been universally admired yet maybe the most egregiously plagiarized of the twentieth century. The trounce known instance may be Monotype’s Laws Antiqua, which shipped with Microsoft Function and was extremely considered a “knockoff” of Palatino. In 1993, Zapf resigned from ATypI (Conjunction Typographique Internationale) past what he viewed as its feigning leaning toward illegal copying by outstanding ATypI members.

Zapfino Histiry

In 1983, Zapf had completed the typeface AMS Euler with Donald Knuth and David Siegel of Stanford University for the American Exact Haut monde, a typeface for arithmetical fashioning including fraktur and Greek letters. David Siegel had recently finished his studies at Stanford and was interested in entering the expertise of typography. He told Zapf his construct of making a typeface with a burly covey of glyph variations, and wanted to start with an admonition of Zapf\’s calligraphy, that was reproduced in a bimonthly by the Upper classes of Typographical Arts in Chicago.
Zapf was active that this was the retrogress way to go, and while he was interested in creating a intricate program, he was upset here starting something new. Manner, Zapf remembered a send for of calligraphy from his sketchbook from 1944, and considered the prospect of making a typeface from it. He had heretofore tried to form a calligraphic typeface for Stempel in 1948, but hot metal organization was too limiting on the immunity of swash characters. Such a pleasing come about could at worst be achieved using new digital technology, and so Zapf and Siegel began operate on the tangled software urgent. Siegel also hired Gino Lee, a programmer from Boston, Massachusetts, to succour draw up on the obligation.
Unfortunately, precisely previously the occupation was completed, Siegel wrote a sign to Zapf, saying that his girlfriend had socialistic him, and that he had abandoned all involved in in anything. For this Siegel wicked the conjure up and started a new preoccupation, working on bringing color to Macintosh computers, and later proper an Internet frame pro. Zapfino\’s advance had behoove severely delayed, until Zapf start the gallantry to bring in the jut out to Linotype. They were all set to superlative it and reorganized the extend out. Zapf worked with Linotype to manufacture four alphabets and numerous ornaments, flourishes, and other dingbats. Zapfino was released in 1998 as a Sort 1 font.

Zapfino Extra

In 2003, Hermann Zapf wholly reworked the Zapfino shape, creating Zapfino Spare, a considerable flourishing of the Zapfino kith and kin designed in bring together collaboration with Akira Kobayashi. This font derivation uses Apple Advanced Typography and OpenType technologies, allowing self-regulating ligatures and contextual glyph substitutions, accurately reflecting the unstable and lively sort of Zapf\’s calligraphy. This font kinfolk comes in 2 font weights, with 3 fonts in Aptitude load and mount up to of 12 fonts in the genealogy. The Pro fonts carry glyphs develop in other fonts of their several weights. Linotype also created Zapfino Surplus X, which was based on the 1998 Zapfino fonts included with Mac OS X. This font people, like the Zapfino in Mac OS X, features letters four times larger than the Linotype counterpart. The retail Zapfino Leftover CD also includes an in-profundity biography of Hermann Zapf and a signal 16-teeny documentary dim entitled “The Art of Hermann Zapf” as pleasing as tips for using the fonts.

Download Font Zapfino

Download all fonts in one file

Download Linotype Zapfino One
download Linotype Zapfino One free rapidshare megaupload
Download Linotype Zapfino Two
download Linotype Zapfino two free rapidshare megaupload
Download Linotype Zapfino Three
download Linotype Zapfino three free rapidshare megaupload
Download Linotype Zapfino Four
download Linotype Zapfino four free rapidshare megaupload
Download Linotype Zapfino Ligature
download Linotype Zapfino ligature free rapidshare megaupload
Download Linotype Zapfino Ornaments
download Linotype Zapfino ornaments free rapidshare megaupload

Download all fonts in one file

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  1. jhon says

    porfa necesito esa fuente

  2. Anna Wengelin says

    The files were empty and not usable… Thanks a lot!!!

  3. Eva says

    When I try to extract he font it asks for a password. What is it?

  4. Checke says

    This no password! Maybe you download corrupt archive?

    • Chris says

      There is problem of loading the download page. Files are no longer existed?

  5. john kenneth says

    really good

  6. Terri Edwards says

    Unfortunately this is blocked on my computer, is there a way to unblock your download site?

    Please let me know.
    Thanks so much!

  7. Ford mustang says

    Ditto, I agree . Put them on a different download site. One that’s not lame. If your really giving them away. zip them and put them here.

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