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Eurostile font by Aldo Novarese

Eurostile (again misspelled as Eurostyle) is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Aldo Novarese in 1962. Novarese in made Eurostile for one of the most excellently-known Italian foundries, Nebiolo, in Turin. Eurostile was developed, because although the compare favourably with Microgramma came with a class of weights, it had at best command-casing letters. A decade after the start of Microgramma, Novarese remedied this with the making of Eurostile, which added humble-situation letters, a intrepid condensed varying and an ultra lessen construct called Eurostile Concentrated, for complete of seven fonts.

Aldo Novarese (1920-6-29 in Pontestura Monferrato – 1995-9-16 in Turin) was an Italian species deviser who lived and worked mostly in Turin. He worked in the Nebiolo exemplar foundry and produced an stimulating tons of incomparable designs. One of Novarese\’s most venerable designs is the Microgramma typeface (designed with Alessandro Butti), which was later renamed Eurostile with the increment of downgrade-containerize letters. It utilized the hew of the accommodate, reflecting the latest designs that were gaining favour at the sooner, such as telly screens and airplane windows. It became profoundly popularized as a typeface that evokes technology (it can be seen on the speedometers on numerous cars and vehicles, solely older models). Novarese’s designs were both innovative and Greek, and those which are motionlessly within reach today clat large type and great characteristics. Aldo Novarese was the father of fonts like:
Egizio, Juliet (1954), Garaldus (1956), Slogan (1957), Recta (1958), Estro (1961), Eurostile (1962), Forma, Magister (1966), Metropol (1967), Delta (1968), Elite (1969), Fenice (1970), Stop (1971), Dattilo (1974), Novarese (1978), Floreal, Mixage (1980), Expert (1981) Symbol (1982)

Eurostile is a acclaimed unfurl font. Its linear creation suggests in fashion architecture, with an call both complex and working. The squarish shapes with rounded corners reawaken the air of boob tube screens of the 1950s and 1960s. As such, it has bring about some approval in current crystal clear configuration, as positively as in branch fiction novelette and smokescreen artwork.

Eurostile LT series

It is a changing of Eurostile by Linotype. It uses squarer designs non-verbatim characters like essential, infinity, pilcrow; letterlike symbols like @, copyright raise, registration note; accents such as cedilla and the tilde. Be that as it may, the division in circled letters (@, Ω) remained round, which aren’t prearranged until Eurostile Next. The asterisk was redesigned to use six points in preference to of five. The kind includes 11 fonts, adding an Rough out Audacious font to the eccentric Eurostile one’s nearest by Linotype. It supports ISO Adobe 2,Adobe CE, Latin extended weirdo sets.

Eurostile Usages

Eurostile Extended has been used extensively in music, where it has featured in album cover artwork from U2, Ash, The Supernaturals and several dance compilations from Warner. Eurostile Extended 2 can also be seen in the cover artwork for the 1998 Marilyn Manson album “Mechanical Animals”.

Variations of Eurostile are popular in television. The BBC One holding slides from 1976-83 were in Eurostile, and it is also used by SPEED Channel programs since 2007 in credits, news ticker, subtitles. Eurostile bold condensed was used in the later logo of the TVS news programme Coast to Coast. It was also used for Tyne Tees Television’s idents from 1969 to 1989.

Eurostile is also found in several video games such as Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon and Driv3r.

In the music business, it has also been used by Westlife until their album Coast to Coast and is currently used by Argentine Pop band Bandana & electrotango band Tanghetto as complementary typography to the band’s logo.

Eurostile can also be seen in the fashion world, as it is the font type for the widely known (and commonly mis-interpreted) clothing company fcuk, or French Connection — United Kingdom.

Eurostile was the primary font used in the science fiction series UFO, created by Gerry Anderson in 1969. All of the vehicles and clothing bearing the logo of the series’ secret organization SHADO used the font, in addition to the main titles.

Eurostile is also used on most FIA GT cars for the car numbers, and in company logos such as those for Toshiba and Diadora.

It is a corporate branding font for Toshiba. The retail version was authorized by Toshiba Europe GmbH to URW, where Eurostile Black OT was sold.

It is also often used on the sides of British police vehicles for signwriting.

Eurostile is used in Canadian Journey series of Canadian dollar bank notes.

Eurostile was the font used in The Amazing Race from series 1 to 13. From series 14 and onwards, it will use Bank Gothic.

Download Eurostile Fonts

Download all fonts in one file

Eurostile LT Bold Condensed

Eurostile LT Bold Extended #2

Eurostile LT Bold Oblique

Eurostile LT Bold

Eurostile LT Condensed

Eurostile LT Demi Oblique

Eurostile LT Demi

Eurostile LT Extended #2

Eurostile LT Medium

Eurostile LT Oblique

Download all fonts in one file

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