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Font Gill Sans by Eric Gill

Gill Sans is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Eric Gill.

Arthur Eric Rowton Gill (22 February 1882 – 17 November 1940) was a British sculptor, typeface plotter, stonecutter and printmaker, who was associated with the Arts and Crafts decline. Today he is a polemical physique, with his fountain-known unswerving views and humble material being seen at odds with his procreant and paraphiliac demeanour and lubricious art.

The primeval organize appeared in 1926 when Douglas Cleverdon opened his own bookshop in his familiar with hamlet of Bristol, where Eric Gill painted the fascia during the window in sans-serif capitals that would be later be known as Gill Sans.In too, Gill had sketched a devise for the publisher and bookseller Douglas Cleverdon, intended as a direct for Cleverdon to take off tomorrow’s notices and announcements. Gill push developed it into a unreduced font bloodline after Stanley Morison commissioned the occurrence Gill Sans to altercation the families of Erbar, Futura and Kabel which were being launched in Germany during the latter 1920s. Gill Sans was later released in 1928 by Monotype Corporation.
Gill Sans became predominant when in 1929 when Cecil Dandridge commissioned Eric Gill to display Gill Sans to be reach-me-down on the London and North Eastern Rail for a incomparable typeface for all the LNER\’s posters and publicity information. Gill was a grammatically established sculptor, delineated artist and ilk originator, and the Gill Sans typeface takes revelation from Edward Johnston’s Johnston typeface for London Insurgents, which Gill had worked on while apprenticed to Johnston. Eric Gill attempted to fix the extreme understandable sans-serif part dress. Gill Sans was designed to go equally marvellously as a motif appear and for flaunt. It is distributed as a way font in Mac OS X and is bundled with specific versions of Microsoft products as Gill Sans MT.

Usage Font Gill Sans

Original unveiled in a lone uppercase mass in 1928, Gill Sans achieved patriotic bulge verging on unhesitatingly, when it was chosen the following year to be proper the approved typeface for the LNER railroad set-up, willingly appearing on every facet of the friends\’s agreement, from locomotive nameplates and garrison signage to restaurant car menus, printed timetables and advertising posters — roles it took on nationwide for British Railways after nationalisation in 1948, until the sweeping British Upbraid corporate rebranding in 1965 which adapted to the custom designed Also railroad vituperate Alphabet. Other users were sudden to shadow, including Penguin Books\’ iconic paperback jacket designs from 1935, and Gill Sans became Monotype\’s fifth first-rate selling typeface of the twentieth century. The typeface continues to advance to this day, ordinarily being held to breed an artistic or cultural sensibility to an organisation\’s corporate character. Famous users register the BBC, which adopted the typeface as its corporate typeface in 1997.
Until 2006, the corporation acclimatized the font in all of its media manufacture; manner, the unveiling of its new idents for BBC One and BBC Two has signalled a group away from its prevalent use, as other fonts were acclimatized for their corresponding on-screen identities. Monotype themselves use it in their corporate name. English Welsh and Scottish Iron horse (who together with Network Condemn clothed continued the Gill Sans rail lineage) prolong to use the audacity.

Download Gill Sans Font

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Gill Sans Bold Extra Condensed

Gill Sans Extra Bold Display

Gill Sans Light Shadowed

Gill Sans MT Bold Italic

Gill Sans MT Condensed Bold

Gill Sans MT Condensed

Gill Sans MT Extra Bold

Gill Sans MT Italic

Gill Sans MT Light Italic

Gill Sans MT Light

Gill Sans MT Ultra Bold Cond

Gill Sans MT Ultra Bold

Gill Sans MT

Gill Sans Shadowed

Download all fonts in one file

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